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Urban and Amish Quilt Book
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Urban and Amish Quilt Book

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Everything old is new again, and it is proven in our latest quilt book 'Urban and Amish.'  I used traditional Amish quilts as the jumping off point for creating new modern quilts.  In this book you will find 16 projects - 8 Amish quilts, and 8 modern quilts based on their traditional counterparts.

To many quilters, Amish quilts represent the pinnacle of traditional quilt design and craftsmanship. The bold, graphic patterns sparkle in rich solid colors, and the beautifully flowing hand-quilting stitches demonstrate a high level of skill that many of us aspire to.

As traditional as they are, the drama and simplicity of Amish quilt patterns make them seem as much at home in a city apartment as in a rural farmhouse. They can be as fresh and contemporary as any modern quilt being designed today, and in fact, some modern quilt designers acknowledge the Amish as one source of their design inspiration.

For the modern side of things, I designed the quilts in Urban and Amish with the fabric in mind: large pieces and simple patchwork place the emphasis on the beautiful prints. The fresh new quilts feature great print collections, and the layouts make them easy to put together.

Urban and Amish  is 80 full color pages, with full size templates...and our copies are autographed by the author

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