What is a Robinson Sampler?  The most original, and easiest way to create a stunning quilt that you will be proud of.

Our unique samplers are created by bringing the strengths of three companies together, to form one amazing product.


Every Robinson Sampler begins as a concept around the family table. Three generations of textiles and design experts come together to talk our ideas before heading to the design board. Through trial and error we work together through many designs to ensure the perfect product.
From our studio, the applique shapes are sent to Shannon Fabrics.


By using a single ready-to-cut pannel from Shannon Fabrics we are able to eliminate the hardest part of our design, and help protect the environment by eliminating a lot of wasted paper. With top of the line technology Shannon Fabrics prints the applique onto soft plush fabric for a crisp and flawless design. This make adding applique simple and easy for every level of quilter.


Each of our samplers need a cotton foundation, so we looked to some of our favorite cotton manufacturers for their help.  With each sampler we have teamed together with a different company.  We have used their 'Basics' lines to ensure that the fabrics will be in stock for a longer period of time.  These collaborations are the perfect base on which we base all of our designs.

And bringing all of these pieces together, creates a Robinson Sampler.