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Book Sale!

Why can't you trust a book?...........Because they all ways cover up their stories!! (hehehehe) So today in the Office, we did a little inventory. That's when we realized, we had less then 30 Nap 'n' Nod books left. Less then 30 printed books left. You see, we have the last of them. They've stopped printing them, and have put them up as e-books. So we decided to put the last of them on sale. Plus all the books have been signed by the author. So, GRAB THEM WHILE THEY LAST, because they're tale is about to end! (Aren't I just a punny guy!) -Robyn of...

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Year 1

It was a muggy afternoon and my grandfather was struck by lightning, and some how survived. But that has no relevance to todays blog. So, it’s been a full year since I’ve taken over the company. And to say the least, I’ve learned a lot. We’ve been planning, scheming, and plotting our next moves. So hang on tight, because we have sew many ideas, that we would like to shear with you! (Yes, I love puns, you’ll see a lot more of those.) -Robyn of Robinson

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It's Getting Chilley This Fall Of 2016

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The weather outside is getting cool, and fall is in the air.  But we have a lot of new ways for you to stay warm. I kid you not, it took us almost all summer to do this catalog. But fall FINALLY arrived so we can release our 2016 fall catalog. You may not know, but there are dozens of things that have to be done just to create one pattern.  For me, the hardest part is getting a great cover photo.  For one of our new releases we took over 200 pictures until we got it right. I'll let you...

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Hi. I'm Robyn, and this is where I blog.

Hi, I'm Robyn and I am one of the owners of Robinson Pattern Company. This is where I'll be posting what's new in the company, and what were planning! So stay tuned to find what's happening next. You can also find us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Very soon, we'll be launching something, or someone, very cute! So keep watching to find out who our new little pal is! Robyn of Robinson

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