Summer of '69 - Printed Instructions
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Summer of '69 - Printed Instructions

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Do you remember the Summer of '69?  What music were you listening too?  How long was your hair?  And what were you wearing???  It was a time of pushing limits, and finding freedoms.  It was also a time of war, when many wanted peace.  It was known as the 'Summer of Love' and a small music festival in Woodstock NY became legendary.  We used these ideas to form a great quilt that will be loved by all generation.  We appliqued on the year 1969, but it can just as easily be 2016.  Time has rolled on, but we can still be inspired by that famous summer.

This is a great quilt to make for all the men in your life.  They will love the signs and symbols, and it will be a perfect quilt for any graduate...just add your own year.

Finished sizes:
  • Without border: Twin size - 72" x 90"
  • With border: Queen size - 88" x 106"

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