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Vintage Collection - Printed copy
Robinson Pattern Company

Vintage Collection - Printed copy

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find a lost treasure hidden in an attic?  Well, that is what happened to us, but the treasure wasn't in an attic.  It was in an old shoebox. And inside the box were dozens of old butcher block papers covered in hand drawn embroidery designs.  Many of them had dates between 1927 and 1939, and the names of four women who may have created them.

To share this treasure, we have lovingly scanned, and re-drawn all of the original designs, and have brought them together into one book.  This binder contains a black and white copy of all 101 patterns that were found in the shoebox, and it lets you decide how you will use each pattern, and what colors you will use to stitch them. 

This product is a printed copy of all of the designs.  You can also download each individual design from our shop.

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