The plush fabrics we use to create our appliques are from Shannon Fabrics, which produces fabrics that are 58"/60" wide.  From these fabrics, we have created various size options for you.  To understand each size, see the chart below.

  • Full yard - 36" wide x 60" long (91cm x 152cm)

 We use a full yard size as the back of our baby quilts and oversized pillows.  If you order more and one full yard, it will be sent as one large piece, and not cut into smaller yard cuts.  (ex. If you order 5 yards of one color, we will send 1 piece that is 5 yards, and not 5 pieces that are each 1 yard)

  • Half yard - 18" wide x 60" long (45cm x 152cm)

We use half yard sizes for larger applique shapes, and when we need to cut out several letters for names.
  • Fat Quarter - 18" wide x 30" long (45cm x 76cm)

Our fat quarter size is perfect for our smaller applique shapes, and for the back of 16" pillows.

  • Craft Size - 9" wide x 15" long (22cm x 38cm)

The craft size is ideal when you only need one or two shapes of a color

  • Smidge - 4" wide x 5" long (10cm x 12cm)

Sometimes you just need a tiny little piece of one color.  A smidge is perfect for they eyes on an animal, or a beak on a duck.