Urban and Amish quilt with a green background and red and orange accents

Urban Amish - The Quilt

Robyn Harder

It's hard to explain why, but a lot of younger people look to the past and wish to do what has been done. Maybe we want to make it better? Or maybe we just want the validation of  "I too, can do this". Whatever the reason, we look to the past and want to carry on traditions, and this quilt is a great start.

Almost 200 years go, this quilt design was first seen among the Amish in the 1800's. It's a classic Amish design that is easy to do and holds an old american feel. However, the remarkable part of this quilt is in the color choice of the maker. With a simple color change it fits in any home and tells a little about the one who made it. Two weeks ago we posted this same design for color of the week on our Instagram page. With the white and yellow design, it felt more like a modern summer quilt. The green and red/orange design you see above take on a very traditional feel, like that of a historic family heirloom.

This is a very safe choice for anyone who is just starting their quilting career. It's very easy to do, and I have yet to imagine a color combination that does't work with this quilt. Pink and purple, white and blue, black and white, even orange and blue wouldn't look bad. Pick your favorite colors and sew away, you'll be satisfied with the results.

There is a lot more to tell about the Amish and their quilting and what they have done for my family. In the future I'll be posting a blog all about the Amish and their quilting (there is a lot more to it than just needle and thread) and how they've impacted our lives and inspired our book, Urban and Amish. 

This pattern is available in physical print, PDF, or in our book by the same name, Urban and Amish which takes traditional quilts like this one and puts a modern spin on it.


See you next week,

Robyn of Robinson


(P.S. If you do make this quilt in a white and blue scheme, please post it and tag us, or send us a picture. They are my favorite colors and would love to see it!) 

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