Origins of the Twin Sisters

Origins of the Twin Sisters

Robyn Harder

T'was the year 2009, and my mother envisioned the perfect quilt. She knew the design, she could see it in her mind, and it had to be done. This was the quilt that would be loved by all. For those of tradition, it was going to be a simple red and white color scheme; for the ones of modern quilting, the layout was perfect; to the elegant it has a classic and timeless feel; and to the homebody, it fits in any  rustic setting. This is how the Twin Sisters quilt was born.

To make the quilt itself was fairly simple. Our patterns are made with the idea of beginners in mind. The only trouble was fining a backing.

Months went by and the hunt continued. Honestly, how hard is it to find a red and white backing? Apparently very hard. Mom went searching for months, but nothing seemed to fit. Then, on a miraculous morning, she found it. Hidden between the fabrics was a red fabric smatted in white polka-dots.

Yes, this was it! Her journey was almost to an end, now completed, all she had to do was pitch it to Better Homes & Gardens. Surely they would love it and feature the quilt right away, right?

Well, they loved it, that was for sure. Only, mom didn't expect them to tell her to hold the design... until 2011. 

They said, "We love it, it's great, but we need you to hold till after we release the calendar. We can't have people making the quilt before it's big day! It's anti-climatic."

(I'm paraphrasing here, I was six at the time and have no idea what they really said, but it was something to that effect)

So, we did as they asked. The pattern and design was kept fro the public until 2010 when the calendar was released. Twin Sisters was released in the American Patchwork & Quilting calendar of 2011 as the December quilt. Ironically we don't have a copy of that calendar, but we do have the instructions and patterns for them.

Now, where's this lovely quilt now? Well, I'm sad to say it's not draped over my bed or sitting on one of our walls. It was sold to a private collector years ago, and now rests in their careful embrace. 

Although the quilt is no longer with us, we still have the pattern. If you want to make this easy yet desirable quilt, head on over and buy the pattern either as a PDF or in a  physical form.

Thank you for coming out, and I hope to see you again next week!

-Robyn of Robinson

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